Hillside Health Care International

Staff Returns with New Measures in Place

On December 14, 2020 we welcomed the Hillside staff back on site. Our team was overjoyed to be back in the Hillside community, and are currently working and cleaning in preparation to open to patients this year.

In the time since returning, the staff underwent a COVID-19 workplace training, created by Hillside’s Public Health Director, Matthew Nicasio, commonly known as Mr. Nic. This comprehensive training began by detailing appropriate cleaning and sanitizing procedures for both the facility overall as well as its high touch surfaces. It concluded with mental health and stress management tips and discussion.

In addition to regular facility sanitization and cleaning, we are requiring all of our staff to maintain appropriate social distance (6-10 feet) in both our office and working spaces, as well as mandatory mask wear.

We couldn’t accomplish anything without our dedicated staff. In this team of 18, each person is highly valued and brings a unique set of talents to our table, which makes for a diverse and fruitful experience for our community; staff, volunteers, students, and patients alike. We are so happy to have them back!

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