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Reflections on Hillside’s Physical Therapy

Hillside has the only PT program in the Toledo District. We are very proud of our community-based rehabilitation program. Two of our staff members share personal stories about the work we do in this department.

First, Amira Ack spoke to us about her first patient experience at Hillside. “My patient was a 50-year-old woman who suffered her 1st stroke, which left her unable to move her right leg nor right hand. At the hospital, she was given medicine, but the stroke’s debilitating effects still lingered. She felt hopeless, until finding out about Hillside’s Physical therapy program. We promptly connected and arrived at her house where we assisted her in completing exercises and created a plan: daily exercise and blood pressure medication. We assisted through every step of her tough journey, from start to finish, until she relearned to walk and use her hand.”

Next, Alva Gomez shared her personal relationship of Hillside with us and the importance of our PT program. “Hillside has been a blessing to many people including my family. My son, Earl Jr. has been a patient at Hillside for the past 8 yrs. Complications at birth resulted in brain damage that affects his growth, speech, sight, and induces uncontrollable seizures. I am grateful for the exceptional role Hillside has had in my son’s life. Hillside has provided my son’s seizure medications for 8 years now since Hillside diagnosed him at 9 months old. HHCI’s Physical Therapy clinic, the only one in the Toledo District, has also yielded amazing results in Earl’s movement and walking, and because of this Earl was able to take his first step at the age of 2 years and 6 months. Now he is able to walk and move around on his own with some guidance.”

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