Hillside Health Care International

Our Public Health Program

Alongside free medical care, disease prevention, and health education, Hillside also offers education for public health graduate students and global health undergraduates, providing them the opportunity to learn while serving.

Mr. Nic shares an experience with a student in the Public Health Program: “In January 2019, Hillside Health Care International accepted an undergrad student to pursue a three-month global health practicum under the Public Health Program initiative. She came with the professional goal to gain a comprehensive understanding of a primary care setting and to develop a training package on Motivational Interviewing for Hillside Clinic Staff and Community Health Workers. She shadowed health professionals in the performance of their duties. She achieved all her professional goals specific to her global health competencies and professional practice. This student stands out in my mind because of her resilience and strong dedication to excel.” We are grateful for all of our students and volunteers!

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Hillside provides approximately 10,000 clinical and outreach services to the people of Southern Belize each year. Please consider a donation to Hillside Health Care International.