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Jennie Recalls a Touching Patient Experience

One of our home health nurses, Jennie Che, remembers a touching encounter with one of her first patients, “Ms. P. C. was an 86 year old female patient when I became her home health nurse. She lived alone and received part-time at-home care from Julio and always welcomed our visits.

Over time, I learned that she had helped raise and provide for many children that were not her own- which was the joy of her life. She never got married and wasn’t able to bear children of her own. Sadly, after the years went by, she deteriorated in health as she had cardiac heart failure (CHF). As she was lying on her bed one day, she told me some of the names of the people she helped raise.

She told me one of them lived in Punta Gorda town, but we were unsuccessful in finding them. I tried to provide love and support to her in her last hours. The life stories she shared illustrate that while life is never 100% smooth sailing, we should always remember the love and foundation it creates. We should appreciate the help and care in our lives and find ways to give back.”

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