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Hillside is safe from Hurricane Nana

A few days ago, Belize was in the direct path for Hurricane Nana. With a two-day notice, we did a walk through at the Clinic to ensure everything is secured. This included items from Treehouse and the Education Center in the event the buildings did not hold up. Nana passed on September 2nd with the storm ( winds at 75mph) in the Dangriga/ Hopkins area around midnight.

Around 4 am after the Hurricane was in Guatemala, we in Punta Gorda experienced stronger winds and rain. It is expected that we will have more rain over the next couple of days as Nana went ahead of it. An initial all-clear was announced by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) for the rest of the country except Toledo district at 6 am on September 3rd. This was followed by an All Clear for the entire country at 9 am.

NEMO is conducting an assessment of the damage, but it seems it will be far less than was expected – which is a very good thing, especially with the current economic challenges. There were no reported injuries or loss of lives by the storm. The preliminary assessment was fallen trees, and a few houses’ roofs flew off and parts of Dangriga out of power. Further inspection revealed that the agricultural sector suffered a significant loss with crops in the banana industry and damage to other crops such as plantains and corn.

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