Hillside Health Care International

Diversity at Hillside

Belize is home to the Maya, Creole, Mestizos (Mayan and Spanish ancestry), Garifuna, East Indians, and many more people. This diversity is greatly appreciated and celebrated. Hillside’s staff is no exception, as we have lots of diversity at our clinic! Jennie told us, “My favorite moment at Hillside is Cultural day. This day depicts each staff member to showcase their culture! This makes me feel the strength of our cultures and our collective appreciation. Not to mention- it gives us a chance to get a taste of a variety of delicious food.”

If you plan on coming to Hillside and Belize, it is important to understand that you may work and interact with people who possess very different perspectives, values, and world views than you. We invite you to observe these differences without judgment, you may even come to understand a new perspective!

Help bring free health care to Southern Belize.

Hillside provides approximately 10,000 clinical and outreach services to the people of Southern Belize each year. Please consider a donation to Hillside Health Care International.