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A Patient Experience to Remember

We asked our staff what stories inspire them to keep working at Hillside.

Alfia, our Clinic Supervisor, shared a touching and memorable patient experience she had with us,

“Working at Hillside Healthcare has taught me so much. In 2018 Patient L came to Hillside seeking help with her leg ulcer- scientifically known as Venous Stasis Ulcer.Before Hillside, she had been seen at the Ministry of Health for wound care, to no avail. However, she was referred to Hillside by someone with the same leg ulcer. Our Medical team greeted her warmly upon her arrival here.

After being trained by many professionals and nurses, Jennifer and I were able to clean and dress her ulcer accordingly with the Supervision of a Medical Director. Not only was I her nurse but became a friend to her. After her first visit, her ulcer began to heal and her pain continued to dwindle. Her visits went from daily to two times per week. We taught her how to clean and dress her ulcer by herself at home and gave her supplies to last until her next visit.

The last visit she had was not only joyful because of the news of her healed ulcer, but it was also very emotional because of the bonds we built. Ms. L was thankful and happy that her leg was healed as she was in fear of losing a leg. Her words to me before a final hug and her goodbye were, ”Thank you nurse you saved my leg you know and now I can sleep good at night with a smile on my face.”

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