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Team of studentsHillside offers a four week academic clinical rotation with learning opportunities in a variety of settings: our freestanding clinic, mobile clinics into remote villages, community education programs, and home health. Guidance for the educational program is provided by the Stateside educational committee along with the Hillside physicians, physical therapist, nurse administrator, and other clinic staff.

During their time at Hillside, students and residents are exposed to many cultural experiences as they work with the Maya, Garifuna, Creole, East Indian and other Belizean cultures. They learn to evaluate patients while working through language barriers (Mayan, not Spanish) and cultural differences. Confidence is gained in evaluation skills as participants are required to treat patients in a markedly resource-limited setting without the diagnostic tools of a fully-developed health care system. Students learn to work closely with and appreciate other members of the multi-disciplinary team. In addition, participants gain a deep appreciation of how medicine and health promotion are conducted in a developing environment.

The clinic is closed on the weekends so that students have the opportunity to take side trips in the unique Central American country of Belize or into neighboring Guatemala.

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